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About the Merchant Navy

The Merchant navy is treated as a highly lucrative career by people from all across the world. Because of many advantages such as bring on a cruise, roaming the world for free, extremely high salary packages, and less service tenure, among others, a career in merchant navy is a craving for almost all young boys who clear schools and colleges and rub their feet to make an entry into the professional world. 

To give such youngsters an insight into a career in merchant navy, this article brings together a lot of information under one roof. The complete spectrum of merchant navy ranges from tankers, cargo ships, passenger vessels, cargo liners, cruisers, and many other kinds of seafaring vessels. Once you clear the basic entrance examinations of institutes that offer academic courses in merchant navy, you can be picked up by any merchant navy company in India or abroad and deploy on any of such vessels based on need and probably your interest.

Another option for youngsters is to enter the Indian Navy and serve for the country while living their passion. This field is one of the most sought-after professional areas because it forms the backbone of the economy of any country. A large portion of international trade for any country is made possible because of merchant navy. Without it, it is completely impossible to carry heavy cargo to and fro between two places because of which the import–export relations between companies are put to stake.

Owing to this reason, merchant navy is perhaps the only profession that offers youngsters extremely appealing and high-rising pay packages with a completely luxurious life on a ship. Owing to the large number of technology that are now involved in manufacturing ships and seafaring vessels, today the dangers that were associated with sea travel in olden times have reduced to almost zero. Tragedies barred, today, merchant navy is as safe a profession as that of an engineer or doctor. However, causalities may occur in any profession and we all agree to this. 

In the merchant navy, there are three core areas of service—wireless communication, radio and engineering, and navigation. Inside these three areas, people are offered a large number of varied jobs, some of which are at the sea while others on shore.